Promotional Products - Do they work?
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Promotional Products - Do they work?
24 May

Promotional Products - Do they work?

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Promotional Products – Why They Work

Promotional Products work fact, but many small businesses are still reluctant to harness their power.  In this article we bring you some of the top reasons and interesting facts from across the globe.


 Will Promotional Products Enhance my Brand and Fit My Budget?

Absolutely!  Any organisation no matter how large or small is sure to find the perfect promotional gift because of the hundreds of thousands of branded products  that can be tailored to fit any budget thus allowing greater flexibility when planning out a marketing campaign of any size.

Are Promotional Products Useful?

Everyone loves a giveaway and a staggering 90.4% of people report currently owning or possessing a promotional gift received within the last 12 months.  Always aim to choose promotional materials that will not only reflect your brand but also have longevity and be desirable meaning you will create a winner!

How Can Promotional Products be Used?

There are a variety of ways promotional corporate gifts  can be used in campaigns.  They can either be used as a standalone business gift or integrated with other media in a variety of interesting and effective ways including:

Incentives for Work

Tradeshow giveaways

Nonprofit fundraising for charities

Public awareness campaigns

Encouraging brand loyalty

Market Research

New product or service event launches


Promotional marketing giveaways  when used with direct mail solutions have demonstrably increased response rates by up to 75%

Ten Interesting Facts About Promotional Products

8 in 10 consumers own between 1 – 10 promotional giveaways

6 in 10 people keep a promotional marketing gift for up to 2 years

48% of consumers would like to receive branded promotional items more often

69% of consumers would pick up a promotional article if they deemed it useful

91% of consumers have a promotional gift  in their kitchen, and 74% in their office

77% of consumers rate a promotional advertising products usefulness as the number one reason they keep it

89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of the promotional product they received in the last 2 years

Mugs are a more effective advertising medium than radio and television posts

Promotional items draw up to 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone

The top five buyers of promotional materials are education, finance, not-for-profit, healthcare and construction.

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